Survival kit: 13 absolutely essential items to face the wilderness

There are survival kits available in the big trade that are both minimalist and could help you to face extreme situations, like having to survive alone in the woods for 3 months in the winter. But these are less useful in everyday situations. Like when you get lost or sprain your leg.

As long as everything hasn't degenerated to the last degree, it's best to bet on the basics. And the basics don't fit in a miniature pouch.

By the way, the one displayed on the picture is one of the best EDC of the moment, it's the Gerber Ultimate Survival Kit by Bear Grylls.

Here's ours forest kit consisting of 13 pieces. Because 13 objects bring good luck. 😉

To deal with most situations in the forest (not the end of the world or a zombie invasion, don't push granny into the nettles), the 5 C's rule is used.

With as a minimum: Cutting, Combustion, Cordage, Container, Cover.

  • A solid knife: as a tool, to eat, to cut rope, as a weapon, to open certain bundles, to build a shelter, to saw, to cut bandages, etc.
  • A lighter kept in good condition and dry (Because in real life, making a fire with a firelighter is a bit of a middle-age trick).
  • Rope (a paracord bracelet?): for tying, climbing, building a shelter, fishing, etc.
  • Clothing that is suitable for the temperature (especially if it is raining or cold). Hat, poncho and shoes included!
  • A good water bottle and enough to filter the water: without water, you die.
  • Something to signal yourself, ask for help, communicate: mirror + whistle.
  • A good lamp at least (this is the strict minimum): preferably a flashlight, batteries and a quality headlamp.
  • A compass and a map: but be careful... The equipment is not enough and finding your way in the nature is an art.
  • A tarp to build a shelter: The tarp is a polyethylene canvas that offers great resistance to weather. It is also called "agricultural tarpaulin". At worst, it is a survival blanket. But let's be crazy, why not a tent, a quality sleeping bag and an air mattress?
  • A first aid kit.
  • Something to repel mosquitoes and other insects. Remember, these chitinous plagues kill more than sharks and bears combined.
  • A GPS smartphone + enough to recharge your battery in the middle of nature: anyway I know that it's with it that you'll light up, communicate and find your way back.
  • A quality backpack
  • And all this does not take into account what I could call consumable: food, diaper change, toilet paper...

What do you take with you in your survival kit? Take a look on our quality equipment if you want to replenish your supplies.